Eventi Gustare e soggiornare Scoperta Itinerari

S.O.B. OLEARIA S.R.L. DI ALESCI LORENZO: specializzata nella produzione dell’Olio Extra Vergine d’Oliva DOP VAL DI MAZARA (Bisacquino)

ALESCI LORENZO’S S.O.B. OIL MILL S.R.L. is specialized in producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil MAZARA’S VALLEY (Bisacquino).

CINQUEMANI ILARIA’S FARM is specialized in producing biological saffron and olive oil (Bisacquino).

Pizzitola Saverio’s Farm is specialized in producing yogurt and typical sicilian cheese, following sicilian’s agricultural biological traditions (Bisacquino).

Carlo Arcuri’s Farm is specialized in the biological production of local cherries (Chiusa Sclafani).

Farmer’s House is a museum of local and popular traditions (Chiusa Sclafani).

MARCHESE GIUSEPPE’s farm: The agricultural activity of this biological farm is mostly focused on cereal’s production, using also different varieties of ancient and local wheat (Chiusa Sclafani).

GIGLIO VINCENZO’S  BIO MANDORLANDI: It’s a biological farm born in 2007, it has an extension of about 20 ha and it’s mainly focused on almonds’ production (Chiusa Sclafani)

COLLETTI’S AGRICULTURAL FARM is specialized in producing red wines D.O.C., called ENTELLANO (Contessa Entellina).

AGRICULTURAL FARM “Pollichino’s field’s delicious products snc” di Lala Giuseppe: is specialized in producing the so called “Belice’s Valley vastedda D.O.P.”, a particular local cheese (Contessa Entellina).

POMO FOREST FARMHOUSE is specialized in breeding beef cattles using biological methods (Contessa Entellina).

CATALANOTTO SALVATORE AGRICULTURAL FARM is specialized in producing saffron using traditional agricultural methods (Giuliana). 

CACIOPPO MICHELA AGRICULTURAL FARM is specialized in producing the so called “Giarraffa” , a particular variety of big olives (about 10-12 g) (Giuliana).

Ruvettu Farm of Mangiaracina Melchiorre is specialized in producing a particular type of sicilian cheese called “Pecorino” and “Belice’s Valley Vastedda” Dop.  (Sambuca di Sicilia).

Casa Montalbano Company s.r.l. is specialized in varying, preserving and selling sauces, jams and conserves in olive oil. (Sambuca di Sicilia)

“Contadino di Galluzzo” Agricultural Farm is specialized in producing the so-called "BirrArpa", an agricultural wheat beer (Sambuca di Sicilia).